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During these uncertain times the North Rockland Chamber wants to let all it's members know that we are truly concerned with the health and well being of our community and will try and provide as much information as possible. Please continue to provide information on your businesses on our Facebook page. Also, some links that have been provided by the state that may be very helpful include: New York State to Pass New Emergency Paid Leave for COVID19 and Paid Sick Leave Nonprofits are Eligible for Disaster SBA loans Important Information for Unemployment Insurance Claimants Latest news from NY State in regards to the coronavirus SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus,E,X,T&H=60b410b477a9b150a226324050621e0777cddc44 State Resources for Business,E,X,T&H=5d42a883ed650ad40d6bf598020cd5ea0ad59a18